5 Useful Software for Wellness and Spas

Welcome to the second article in our series of posts dedicated to our recommendations for software solutions for your business. Today, we are going to suggest 5 useful software solutions for your wellness or spa.

Unlike the previous article, we will not review all the software you need to run your wellness or spa, but rather focus on a few practical tools you can use daily to better serve your clients.

Gift Certificates

If your salon doesn’t offer gift certificates, it might be time to think about it. According to our users, this is a very effective technique, especially for wellness salons. It will allow you to build loyalty, but also to expand your customer base, while selling your services. It is also very simple to set up. You can create and print gift certificates on any medium. You can even do it online, thanks to solutions such as Giftup, which will even allow you to sell them online.


Sometimes all it takes is a little message to bring old customers back into your business. Take advantage of the holiday and end-of-year periods to publish a newsletter to thank or keep your customers informed. It is always a pleasure, and in the best case, it can even increase your sales.

Writing a newsletter is easy. All you need is your mailbox and a little inspiration. To give your emails a more professional look, think of taking care of the presentation, adding images, … And as it is not always easy, some software, such as Mailchimp can make it easier.

Social networks

Don’t neglect your social networks either. They are an easy way to tell new customers about your business. Remember to post quality content, and regularly. Don’t hesitate to add photos and images. You can even organize contests, which are particularly effective in promoting your services. If you are interested in organizing contests, don’t hesitate to look at this software. It will allow you to organize many types of games and contests easily.

Music broadcasting

The following software in our list will probably tell you something. This is normal, it is one of the most famous music streaming services. Nevertheless, we find it important to specify it. If you need a musical atmosphere in your spa, don’t hesitate to use Spotify. In our opinion, it is the best software to find playlists, whatever their themes. However, don’t forget to pay any taxes to be able to broadcast music in a professional environment.

Making appointments

Finally, don’t forget a software for making appointments. We have just what you need. As an online booking solution provider, Datelist can help you offer your customers a 100% digital booking experience via your website or social networks. Add our two-click online booking widget to your website and allow your customers to easily book and even pay online. Want to know more? Try out our tool for free