At Datelist, we take the handling of personal data very seriously. We make every effort to ensure the security and protection of your information. However, as an Internet service provider, we are required to collect certain data about you. The purpose of this document is to explain what this is, what we collect it for, and to describe what we do to protect it.

Datelist is an online appointment scheduling service available as a widget on your website. It is a software published by ACL Software SRL, a company established in Belgium whose coordinates are the following:

  • Company number (BCE): 0798373841
  • VAT number: BE0798373841
  • Name and first name of the manager: Clarembeau Alexis
  • Contact email address:

What information do we collect?

For the use of the platform

When you use our platform, you will be asked to provide us with 3 types of information.

Personal information

This information is requested when you register on our platform. It is your name, first name and email address. This data is useful to us in order to identify you as a user and to allow us to contact you for requests related to the use of your service.

2. Data about your company

If you wish to subscribe to our platform for a fee, we will also ask you for information about your company, such as: your company name, legal status, address, telephone number and VAT number. We will only use this data to bill you for the use of our service.

3. User preference

All other information that you will enter into our platform is your user preferences. This can be the language of your interface, the settings of your reservation calendar or any other data used to personalize the experience on our website. This is strictly essential data used to provide you with the Datelist service.

For use of the widget

When your customers use Datelist’s online booking widget, we will also ask them for information such as last name, first name, appointment time, email address, and any fields customized by the widget administrator.

This data is communicated to the widget administrator with whom your customers have decided to book an appointment.

In all cases

Regardless of your use of the platform, we also collect technical information to improve your use of the platform. This may include your location, your IP address, technical information about your web browser or your computer.

In all cases, each piece of data retained by Datelist is used solely to provide you with the requested service. No data acquired or processed by our services is exchanged or sold for commercial purposes.

Only our partners, listed below, have access to some of your data:

Heroku: Our IT infrastructure provider Stripe: Our payment processor Smartlook: Our user session analysis provider, useful for customer support Google Analytics: For measuring website visit data Scout APM: For technical performance analysis Papertrail: For storing system logs Bugsnag: For bug detection and reporting

How long do we keep that information

We’ll keep all the information cited above as long as you have an account with us. If we detect that your account is inactive, we will warn you and automatically erase all your personal information within 2 years after your last activity.

In order to provide you with the Datelist service, we also use cookies. Cookies are small text files stored on your web browser that are used to store information about you.

At Datelist, we use the bare minimum of cookies necessary for your use of our platform. We therefore only collect:

A “session” cookie, which is used to remember your user information, so that you can stay logged in A “local” cookie, which is used to store your language preference A “stripe” cookie, allowing the management of credit card payments

As these cookies are essential to the use of our service, it is unfortunately not possible to deactivate them. However, you can delete them by going to the privacy settings of your browser if you no longer wish to keep them.

Security and data location

All your data is securely stored in Europe on the servers of our infrastructure provider: Heroku

Your data is transmitted, as far as possible, using the highest cryptographic standards in order to guarantee the security of your information.

For more information, please visit

This data will be kept for a maximum of one year after you close your account, in case you wish to terminate your use of our platform.

What are your rights as a user?

As a user of the Datelist platform or of one of our online booking widgets, you can ask us to provide you with all the personal data we have in our database, as well as a modification or deletion of this data, without any particular justification, by simply sending an email to (we try to respond to each request within 14 days)

Additional information

If you have any questions about the use of your data at Datelist, please feel free to contact me at the following email address: