Are you tired of having to spend hours on the phone to make appointments? Fortunately, there are online booking systems that allow you to save a lot of time by allowing your clients to book by email on your website.

But not all of them are equal. Seeing the number of different solutions in this market, it can sometimes be quite complex to make a choice. Some solutions are more adapted to different needs, but how to choose? This is the question we will try to answer in this article.

1. The asset reservation system

When looking for an online reservation system for your business, you must first ask yourself the question of the nature of the items you are going to want to reserve. If you want to offer items or equipment for rent, you will need to look into a suitable reservation system that will allow your customers to set up retirement periods as well as items to be borrowed. This very particular need requires specialized solutions so be careful when you have an online reservation system if this is the case.

2. The hotel reservation system

If your company does not offer equipment for rent, you may book hotel rooms. In this case, you will have to use an adapted reservation system, the needs of a hotel reservation system are particular. The right software will mainly have to be able to handle the coexistence of different types of rooms, the variation of prices according to the day, but also the possibility to cancel or modify an appointment, often specific to hotels. Online reservation systems for hotels usually allow booking time slots of more than one day starting and ending on a specified date.

3. Appointment scheduling systems

In all other cases, you will probably need an appointment booking system. These systems are particularly suitable for short-term reservations, such as a doctor’s appointment, a hairdresser’s appointment, a restaurant reservation, a garage reservation, etc.

This is the category where you will find the most software. Our solution, Datelist, is one of them.

It is the broadest category that includes the most activities, and it is also where each software will have the most difference. Another solution, for example, tries to focus on simplicity, time for the user, for the configuration point other software would allow you to push very far the implementation, offering rich integration with many software, at the cost of a more complex installation point some software are generalist, other specialized for a particular sector point some solutions are arrived depending on the number of reservations, others requires a monthly subscription.

Ask yourself well the question of your needs before opting for an online reservation system point in doubt, try some. Most of them offer a free trial of varying lengths that will allow you to see if it is the right solution for your business.

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