Datelist is a constantly evolving software program. To provide you with the most enjoyable and comprehensive online booking experience possible, our technical team has worked hard over the past few months to bring you the following features.

Custom fields

One of the elements we have improved the most over the last few months is the use of customizable fields. Many of you have mentioned a need to be able to push their use further. By making them more accurate and flexible, our software now allows you to ask the right questions before making a reservation.

Visibility and organization

Our first improvement concerning custom fields allows you to reorganize their position in your online reservation forms. We also brought the possibility to hide some fields, to make them editable only by your team members to, for example, provide detailed information not visible to the user.

New custom field types

We have also added to the application the ability to support different types of custom fields. Do you have important questions to ask before a reservation? We now have everything you need:

  • Text fields
  • Numerical fields
  • Drop-down lists
  • Checkboxes
  • Unique identifiers

General settings

You will also be able to further configure your booking widget. By bringing you new configuration options, we hope to make it easier for you to transpose your workflows directly within our application, with the ultimate goal of saving you time.

Time to first booking

Don’t want your clients to book an appointment too early, right before a session starts for example? Now we have the solution for you! With the Time Before First Booking option, you can now limit late bookings by not allowing your clients to book for the next few minutes.

Notification email address

Do you want to send an email notification to a specific email address when a customer books an appointment with your business? This is now possible thanks to the notification email address configuration option.


In addition to the new features, we have also made great efforts to make our interface easier and more intuitive than ever.

New events and schedules view

We have replaced the old event view and schedule configuration menu with a new screen that shows you all your clients’ appointments, week by week, and your schedules in a unified calendar.

Do you want to go back to the old administration interface that showed you an ordered list of your reservations? No worries, we have also kept the old layout.

Export your reservations to Excel

Do you want to export your reservation data to your favorite spreadsheet program, to make reports or manage a set of appointments more easily? Thanks to the Excel export, you can now get an editable copy of your clients’ appointments.

Widget interface improvements

Of course, the interface of our booking widget has also undergone its share of changes. We’ve mainly made changes to the warning messages for incorrectly filled in fields, and made some subtle aesthetic changes to make the booking module look better with the default settings on a larger set of websites.

Technical changes

We have also made several less visible, but important technical changes to improve your user experience.

Update of our technical infrastructure

By updating our technical infrastructure, our application is now faster than ever. Whether it’s changing your settings or getting your customers to make reservations, everything is now faster.

Widget integration code change

The last change is probably past preview, but still important. To limit the impact of updates to our widget on the rendering of your website, we have modified the integration code of our appointment booking system to make it easier to extend, but also more stable over time. Thanks to a versioning system, you will now be able to update our widget whenever you want, and have the new features, or keep the old interface.