Your decision is done. Today you are going to build your website. You or your IT partner have decided to opt for the WordPress solution to make your life easier.

The only thing left to do is to choose a theme for your pages. But there are so many of them. So many, it would take us several days to go through them all.

Choosing the right theme is important. It defines the visual appearance of your business on the internet. But it can also have many applications, on the loading speed of your website, on its appearance on the phone,…

In this guide, we will try to explain some simple techniques to remember in order to choose the right theme for your WordPress website.

1. Define your needs

As is often the case, the first step before making a decision is to define your needs. Ask yourself: What is the message you want to get across, and what are your constraints.

This will allow you to limit the choice of theme to certain colors, certain layouts, or certain moods. If you are a photographer, it is important that your theme has plenty of space to publish each of your photos. If you are a craftsman, you need to find a place to list your achievements, a restaurant will need a menu, …

If your company has already existed for several years, perhaps you already have a graphic charter, a color code… all these elements should be taken into account when choosing your theme

2. Think mobile

If you have an idea of what matters to you, you should be able to narrow down the choices available. Now that you have done this, you will need to think about how your site will look on a smartphone. Many themes don’t offer an adequate interface if the available screen space is too small. So only choose themes that have a nice interface on mobile. Nowadays, more than 50% of users consult your website from a smartphone.

3. Avoid unnecessary animations

If we can make another recommendation, avoid unnecessary animations as much as possible. This, although graphically pleasing, can greatly harm the performance of your website: not everyone has a fast connection or a powerful computer, and the numerous animations that you can find on certain themes tend to slow down the navigation of your future customers: each second lost by a customer who wants to see your products or services will greatly diminish the chance of a sale.

4. Don’t be afraid of paid themes

Finally, don’t be afraid of paid or heavily used themes. Although it may seem attractive to choose a theme that exactly matches your expectations, it is generally better to choose a designer with a proven track record.

By choosing a widely used theme, you increase your chances of having a solution that will be flexible, scalable over time, and perform well for all users.

If in doubt, don’t hesitate to use more than one, it will be much more complex to change the theme once it is set up than when your website was designed. Even if you have spent some money, if your website seems slow at the design stage, it will be even worse afterward. Do not hesitate to change the theme.

If you have any questions or doubts, don’t hesitate to ask a professional for advice on the different themes available.