How to prepare your business for the reopening in a post-covid era

The Covid 19 outbreak has had a real impact on you and your staff but the worst is behind us. For a few weeks now, your business has been forced to close its doors. It is now time to think about the reopening of your business and to find your employees and/or customers.

Prepare your business office

Whether you’ve just reopened, or are thinking about reopening soon, preparing your office is an essential part of getting ready for the is an essential part of preparing for the reopening.

The past few weeks and months have probably taken a toll on your team and your morale, but don’t let up. Take care of the smallest details. Of course, the classics are valid: make sure that all the functions of your company are operational, as before.

After a long period of downtime, it is not always easy to get back to the old routine. To achieve this, remember: try things. Put yourself in the shoes of an employee or a customer, and try to do the simple things you do every day: Does your printer still work? Is your building well cleaned? Does your printer have enough ink?

These steps may seem ungrateful, but they are crucial to reopen your business in the healthiest conditions.

Take care of your online presence

But if there is one thing that has changed a lot in the last few years, it is the use of digital. Multiple shutdowns and lockdowns have boosted the adoption of digital tools, which have become commonplace for your employees and your customers.

As a business, you need to get with the times and take advantage of this reopening to also have an online presence.

Whether you master the art of social networking or not, any communication will be good to take: you can create a Facebook event dedicated to the day of the reopening, photos on your Instagram strory, or even a post to announce the news.

Your website should not be left out either. Make sure it’s up to date, with at least the essential information: where to find you, your services, your hours, and a way to contact you.

Even if you didn’t do it before, investing in digital is now a crucial step in maintaining your business after reopening.

But you can also go further. And why not take advantage of the situation as an opportunity to also rethink your concept. Maybe it would be interesting to offer an online store to your customers. Maybe you should add a delivery system, which many consumers have become accustomed to recently.

You could also consider video conferencing systems depending on your services, and why not add an online reservation module (with or without prepayment). And, that’s where we can help. At Datelist, we offering tools to easily add a reservation module to your website. So, if you want, feel free to get in touch.